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    Vol Screening Guidelines
    Volunteer Screening Guidelines , article

    Suffolk VCE 4-H Volunteers are required to undergo background screening. Volunteer screening supports the process of educating volunteer applicants about Virginia Cooperative Extension programs and creates the opportunity to allow faculty and staff to learn more about the interests of the volunteer applicant.

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    4-H Online
    4-H Online , article

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 4-H year! Those who are interested in participating and/or volunteering in one (or more) of the Suffolk 4-H Community Clubs, can enroll online by visiting the 4-H Online website.

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    Pesticide Recertification
    Pesticide Applicator Training , article

    Recertification and training opportunities.

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    Pest Management Guide
    Pest Management Guide , article

    The Virginia Pest Management Guide (PMG) series lists options for management of major pests: diseases, insects, nematodes, and weeds. These guides are produced by Virginia Cooperative Extension and each guide is revised annually.

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    vce youth pattern
    Suffolk 4-H Camp , article

    2024 Suffolk 4-H Camp is coming soon! Check back for more information about registration.